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countdown 2010

Yesterday night really a great countdown night!

At the beginning of plan, we plan to depart at 6pm, but after that, i and bon decide to depart earlier so that we can go shopping at there. But after that, xinjie, ai lee and their friends decide to follow us depart earlier, that is 4pm.

First we take ktm to bandar tasik selatan, then change lrt to hang tuah. Inside the ktm, I manage to meet seng kieh(waliao~so coincident!)During the journey, we introducing each other since some of us never meet before, such as mei xian and munye, but munyee I already know from facebook. The ktm is pack like hell, pack like sardin fish, cannot move and single or half step. Feel like dying~~

Finally we reached station hang tuah. Whole journey, the ktm and lrt are full of our voice.(shame) Then we walk to times square, then to sg wang. At 1st we plan to sing k after count down, but after we asked the price. WOW! Inhuman! (not related) The price per head for green box is RM54++, the price per head for red box is RM100++...siao liao! So we terpaksa chose to watch movie at pavillion, watch the latest 1(i do not mean the newest movie), which is 1.30am, The Princess and the frog. But Ailee watched before, so we decide and sponsor her RM1 per person.

I love this pic very much, cause taken by me...(nice skill)

Then we start to walk walk and shop shop, I buy myself a T-shirt. Those girls buy themselves a clothes tat almost same pattern. The richest guy among us, bon, buy himself 2 shirt and 1 pant, cost RM 130++...really rich lor...On the way of shopping, I coindentally meet with my matriculation's friend, soon tee. Quite a long time didn't see her already. She still like old time, still that pretty, but after she curl her hair, bcm pretty and mature...Only can say is leng lui~Suddenly meet, I really feel suprise, do not know what to say, only go to say "hi" to her and her friends and she introduce me to her friends. Really happened too unpredictable, I do not know how to react. Then I say "bye" to her and continue the shop.

Meet up with hui rong them

Then we go to sg wang. Hotlink is making promotion there..Topup RM5 get a goodies bag, inside the bag, there are a few stuff,whistle, a small electric fan together with battery. Those stuff are prepared for the concert. I manage to see 林宇中, Bosco...First time see those star live...But too many people, we stand quite far at the back, cannot see too clear. Then we meet up with hui rong and her friend. After the countdown, those people at there playing the spray like ki siao..the smell of the spray, yuck! We all are hiding from the spray and move on to pavillion to watch our movie. But bon and munyee have been separate from us. Then we ask them to meet up at pavillion entrance..Mana tau those 2 go starbuck...Yee~2 of them 1st time meet only, already like suami isteri...Geng! Before going to meet up with them, there is a guy come to borrow phone from us, he said he was separate with his friends. I decide to help him, since I also been such condition before. I let him to use my phone, but with fully secure, xinjie also be secure standing beside him and prepare to react, if he trying to run away with my phone. On the way go meet up with them, I accidentally separate with xinjie them pula..I was standing at there searching for them, but after walk walk, I manage to find starbuck and meet with them all.

The princess and the frog not bad lah~Ailee watch that movie before, so whole movie, she also act as sleeping beauty. Nevertheless, mei xian also sleep awhile.

After the movie, we go to McD and plan to spend time(wasting time should be more suitable) sitting at there. I manage to meet jin hao(my coursemate) at there..Those girls very geng lor, eat a lot! But the time was so hard to pass, and we start to ki siao taking photograph. There are a group of chinese sitting beside of our table, seem oso wasting the time there. After awhile, they also start to siao with us, taking those funny picture. They seem nice!

The McD closed at 5.30am, so we go out from there about 5.15am. Then walk walk, sitting at bus-stop and bon leading us walking through a path that was surrounding with malay..Really feel scare walking inside those malays. Then walk walk, we meet up again with those chinese that we meet at McD. Then some of us wan to go toilet, we decide to go to hotel. That hotel seem like for those bagpackers to stay.

Finally, about reaching 6am, we move on to station hang tuah to take lrt. Then again take ktm from bandar tasik selatan back to UKM. Inside the ktm, again full with our voice, there are a malay ask us to slow down our voice. That malay seem know to hear mandarin, and ai lee really stupid lor...she know the malay beside her know hear mandarin, she still say loudly to us, "我旁边的马来人好像是会听华语的……", zadao! This mah like自打嘴巴(slap her own mouth)…… haiz~soh mui really soh mui...soh soh punya...

自拍 with new friend :
My new sister, Mei Xian

My facebook's friend, MunYee

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Benjamin Bon said...

lol... I just buy a shirt n a trouser lo
not 2 shirt

我不再是我 said...


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