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Today don't know is me "heng" or "sui", my friend ask me to help her friend to register. After I get enough of the info, I walk out to register, in the mean while, the talk is running, at the same time, they are inviting someone to giving a talk or what. I did not focus on the talk so I do not know about that. As I walk out, many people clap( waliao~very pai seh leh~), don't know is clap for me or clap for that person.

After I finish helping that friend to register, I back to my seat. My friends all say to me,"wow!so many people clap for you leh~"
When I back to my room, I log in facebook, saw my friend comment, "today many people clap for you leh~"

Don't know I should feel happy or what...

Think positively, not many people can be like me, receive so many claps. Nice experience!!

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