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New Laptop

My old laptop just died like that..It died peacefully. I was still using it during the morning before i went to work, after i came back from work. It suddenly shown "Operating system not found..". Sigh~ What to do? Have to look for a new laptop instead of repair it, since it already quite old.

Had been away from online for almost 4 days. Within this 4 days, I had a very healthy lifestyle, I sleep at 10pm, wake up at 7am. Really a boring life, I have no idea what to do after i wake up.
Thank very much to my friend, Chang Sheng for accompany me go survey for laptop and give me many opinions.

So here is my new laptop, Acer - Aspire 4755-2414G64. Unable to buy it with my own money, had to borrow from my eldest sis.

3 位帅哥美女留言 :

Benjamin Bon said...

windows detected ur pirated OS liao la... jz nd reinstall the OS then ok liao d

我不再是我 said...

haha...cannot reinstall..coz that laptop's CD rom rosak alr..

Benjamin Bon said...

><" the best way is recycle! lolz

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