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New Lens for myself

After owning the DSLR for more than 1 year, finally I get myself a new lens! Yea~! Tamron 18-200mm. A gift to reward myself for working so hard last year.
Bought this with RM699. Cheapest lens I can find which can zoom from 18mm to 200mm. Quite wide aperture, f3.5 - 6.3. Too bad it do not has stabilizer. Mean I have to take picture with a VERY STEADY hand or with the help of tripod. Not yet get myself a tripod because thinking that I seldom will use it and lazy to carry it.

Looking at the picture above, the 'short' lens can become so ‘long'. Tried to take a few photos a Sekinchan. The picture quality not bad. My skill not good, some of the picture slightly blur.

 Tried shoot in macro using manual focus.
Tried to shoot the bird in far distance.

Because of the long zoom, feel that more light is needed. Not yet use to the adjustment of shutter speed, aperture and ISO for this lens.

Hope I will love this lens very much.

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