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Today having a small gathering with my uni friends. We went to sing k at Neway at Fahrenheit. The room they gave us is unbelievable, extraordinary huge! There is 2 table in the room with 2 hemisphere sofa and 2 tv screen. We also have 4 mic, which means we can have 1 mic for each person.The food at there is nice too! The price is RM30++ per person with refillable drinks and buffet lunch.

On the way walking toward KLCC, I met with my company Chief Risk Officer. He seem can recognise me and keep looking at me when he walk toward me. As courtesy, I put up my hand to greet him, he also return with by saying "Hi".

Rushing back home to pick up my gf for our movie night. (Thanks Line for the free movie ticket. But we need to pay extra charge - RM2 to take the seat more further from screen.) Kingsman: The Secret Service is a nice and funny movie, Of course you must not take it serious on those scene of people with their head got exploded. Instead of those head exploded with lots of blood, they change it to firework.

On the way to take lift, I met with my course mate and my secondary school classmate. They seem heading to catch their movie.

What a tiring Saturday. What a coincident day meeting a lots of people.

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