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《刀剑神域 Ordinal Scale》

似乎很久没有自掏腰包去电影院看戏了,每次不是renew TGV membership时看,就是等生日月份才看。




看完后,竟然有很多人鼓掌,这套戏似乎很迎合大家的胃口,即使出字幕了,大家还是坐着等听歌,回味一下剧情。出乎意料的,后面竟然还有一小段,还说"SAO will return"。好期待SAO的下一个作品!


最后附上这套戏的主题曲Lisa的【Catch the Moment】


DirectD's Lenovo Concept Shop

Following are the promotion for the Grand Opening for DirectD's Lenovo Concept Store.

• 5x Original Lenovo X3 @RM649 (Normal price RM1299) + FREE Selfie Flash Light!
• 5x Original Lenovo K4 Note @RM399 (Normal price RM799) + FREE MicroSD 32GB!
• 5x Original Lenovo Tab2 A7-30 @RM349 ((Normal price RM699) + FREE Folio case & screen protector!
• 5x Original Lenovo S1 Lite @RM299 (Normal price RM599) + FREE MicroSD 16GB!
• 10x Original Lenovo A2010 @RM149 (Normal price RM299)

• 29x Original Lenovo Selfie Flash light @RM0.99
• 29x Original Lenovo Powerbank @RM9.90
• 29x Original Lenovo Skullcandy earpiece @RM9.90
• 29x Original Lenovo Nut tracker @RM9.90
• 29x Original Lenovo Selfie Stick @RM9.90
• 29x Original Lenovo Speaker @RM9.90

Attractive right? Especially the 50% discount for the smartphone and tab. Therefore, my wife and I decided to reach there by 6.30am. Guess what, when we reached there, already have 6 persons waiting at there.Originally we plan to buy the Lenovo X3, looks like have to change plan to aim for Lenovo K4 Note. Both phone having similar spec, major different is the processor. X3 use Snapdragon, while K4 note using Mediatek.

The comparison of Lenovo X3 and K4 note: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=7755&idPhone2=7802

We waited about 2 hours for the registration (registration to qualify for the smartphone 50% discount start at 8.30am). About 8.45am, the staff pass us the paper to fill in our name, contact number and IC number. Gam gam we manage to get the Lenovo X3 because people who queue in front of us, most of us taking K4 Note. But something weird is happening, 6 person in front of us, including us is 8, plus the person behind us is 9, but somehow X3 and K4 note sold out. There is 10 units, but only 9 person (note: 1 person only can purchase 1 unit) I even saw there is 1 person in front of us taking S1 lite, so seem like 2 units is missing.

People who queue behind us feel suspicious and try to explain to the staff. Don't know whether the staff is so stupid or just play ignorant, keep saying it is correct. What to do. 

It was so hot at there. About 10am, finally we get our coupon with number for the purchase.

Taken from DirectD's facebook album

Finally we can take a seat and rest while enjoying the breakfast they prepared for customers. 

Guess these are the 2 most geng phone they have

After have breakfast, still need to wait them go through their opening ceremony. Then about 11am, only can start the purchase. However, the system seem like having problem, the purchase started quite late. About 11.45am, finally my wife and I purchased our desired phone. Total spent about 5 hours to get this 50% discounted phone.

PS; A small incidence when I want to pay for my phone. I thought I brought enough cash, so I just gave a stack of RM50 to the cashier. They counted and tell me, still lack of RM100. Shy~ I searched my wallet. Oh no! I only have another RM50, I need another RM50. So I quick quick go to borrow from my wife.

Can't wait to unbox my new phone. Nice packing.

Inside the box, they even free us a plastic phone cover and screen protector.

The phone is famous with its sound system. Tried the demo video in the phone, really sound nice! The camera even come with Smart Composition which will teach you how to take photo with good composition. Interesting!

That's all my sharing for today.

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